Meet the Maker: Heather HJ Jewellery Design

Meet the Maker: Heather HJ Jewellery Design

Hj Jewellery Design stands as the brainchild of Heather J Rowley, an independent creator. Her venture into the world of silversmithing commenced in March '16 due to her persistent dissatisfaction with the unavailability of her favored style of jewelry in the UK. Taking a bold step, she borrowed her mother's jewelry tools, marking the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Based in Preston, situated in the North West of the UK, Heather operates from her home studio. Her primary focus lies in producing handcrafted, exceptional heirloom-quality jewellery. These pieces are curated for individuals who, akin to Heather, seek to communicate their uniqueness through their choice of accessories.

Click HERE to see her collection available at Electric Sun. 



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