There is a certain pleasure in recognising that something has well made.

Children of the Sun

For over seven years, Hannah Pixie Snow and I have merged our talents and have worked on so many projects together. Our latest collaboration stems from the repeated requests from our online followers: a recreation of Hannah's iconic stacking bangles, now available in both sterling silver and luxurious gold. These bangles stand out with two textures - a sleek finish and an intricate design mirroring the sun's dynamic surface. Designing this collection felt instinctive, reflecting the deep synergy between Hannah and myself.

Handcrafting each bangle has been a personal endeavour for me, ensuring every piece is imbued with quality and a unique touch. This collection not only showcases our combined artistic vision but also the enduring friendship that has sustained our partnership through thick and thin.

As we unveil this special limited edition collection, we invite you to experience the beauty and craftsmanship that define this collaborative journey.

- Stacey