There is a deep pleasure in recognising that something has been made with love.

Classic Apparel by Hannah Pixie Snow

Introducing "Love Hannah Pixie" to Electric Sun Store, where passion for artisanal craftsmanship and sustainability converge.

"Classic Apparel" is a clothing line designed by the talented Hannah Pixie Snowdon. The brand is dedicated to creating fashion that not only looks and feels good but also does good for our planet.

Hannah Pixie Snow's creations are a testament to the art of organic clothing, with each piece crafted from the finest, eco-friendly materials. From ethically sourced and recycled textiles to sustainable production methods, every garment is a statement of style with a conscience.

As a fellow advocate of handcrafted, unique creations, Electric Sun Store is thrilled exclusively feature this clothing line. We believe our customers will appreciate the quality, elegance, and environmentally conscious ethos that this range embodies.