Introducing: Loki By Lyza

Introducing: Loki By Lyza

Crafted in the heart of London, Loki by Lyza brings you meticulously handmade heavy metal jewellery. Their commitment to quality is unwavering as we exclusively work with precious metals, ensuring each piece is a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Specializing in the creation of pendants and chains, Loki By Lyza's designs are not just accessories; they are lasting statements of style and durability.

Loki by Lyza has a distinctive style that resonates with timeless elegance. 

See our staff's favourite pieces below:

The Iconic Rose Pendant in 18CT Gold Plating.

Set In Stone Ring handmade from a perfect combination of 18CT Gold Plating and Citrine. 

The Milk Tooth. Handmade from Sterling Silver

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